Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Net Worth: Down $28k

Sheesh! It's no wonder I've been putting off this post. I'm a week late posting this and as a result, our financial picture is slightly better because of the delay. The 3-day rally on Wall Street helped to recover some of the killer losses in our investment portfolio.

Real Estate Values are More Accurate
In terms of valuing our real estate, I've abandoned Zillow altogether in favor of a more localized calculation based on neighborhood comps sold in the last couple of months. I'll outline my methods in the next post. I adjusted last month's RE values to align with my current valuation approach.

Chipping Away at Debt
On the bright side (something we CAN control), we've reduced our debt by nearly a thousand dollars in the last month. Gotta keep that Smackdown focus! I'm hopeful that we can step up our intensity in this area in the next 60 days. Kinda depends on my sales performance, since my income is 100% commission. Last month sales sucked. Partially due to the economy, but mostly it's a post-holiday seasonal thing. Looking back over the last few years, my sales in January and February have never been on par with other months.


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