Thursday, January 15, 2009

Financial Goal #1: Debt Smackdown!

We began budgeting last fall so we have a great handle on our expenses and monthly cashflow. Wife is salaried but I'm straight commission; makes it a little tough to budget but my income has been commission-based for years and I'm used to the roller coaster. The numbers have been crunched and now it's time to apply focus and discipline to the process.

Our #1 goal this year is to eliminate $20,815 of debt.

1) $384 medical debt (orthodontist)
2) $6,887 credit card debt (just plain dumb)
3) $13,544 2nd mortgage on the SFR rental.

The strategy is quite simple. Every available extra dollar will go toward debt reduction until we've ground that bugger's face right into the sweat-stained mat. I'll get one of those bar graph doo-dads up as soon as I figure out how to get it done. Stay tuned....
Photo by RJL20


J. Money said...

hell yeah boss, budgeting always helps get ya on your feet :) i'm digging those goals too - if you could pull that off you guys are total rockstars.

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