Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frugal is Cool: The Pendulum Swings

How easy is it to get so wrapped up in the apocalyptical financial headlines that we lose perspective?

Where's the good news in this financial crisis, anyway? I believe the best that will become of this historic time will be the renewed appreciation for thrift, conservation, and delayed gratification.

Our collective national psyche has been rocked to the core. Which is a good thing.

Meghan Busch from Bigger Pockets wrote a piece a few days ago, "Getting Back to Basics", which is well worth the read. Pure gold.

J.D. from Get Rich Slowly posted a piece in recognition of National Thrift Week. His article personifies this pendulum swing by comparing corporate titans' lifestyles: : "Which America? The Possibilities of American Thrift". Also well worth the read.

J.Money of Budgets Are Sexy fame posted a piece today, "Does the Financial Crisis Have a Silver Lining? (Q&A)". By the way, if you haven't subscribed to J. Money's blog yet, check it out. He manages to present thoughtful, poignant PF info in such a fun, irreverent way that he'll have you cracking up as you achieve PF enlightenment. Great blog!

What's your take on this shift? Do you feel it? What have you changed in your life in response? Do you see it as a change for the better?
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J. Money said...

*blush* i'm just glad it comes out coherently ;)

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