Sunday, March 8, 2009

Personalize Your Blogger Header

I added a little personal touch to Bankruptcy to Boom this week.

How do you like my fantastic new header? It took me a couple hours of trial & error to add it. Despite the outcome, I've learned a little more about digging into blog editing and making wider use of Photoshop. Seems I've been on a precipitously steep learning curve since starting this blog in January. So many things to learn....only so much time!

For those of you who use Blogger and are inclined to pimp your blog a bit, here's a rundown of how I customized my header:

  • First I found a photo in my pictures file that, when properly cropped, would lend itself to a wide, short format. This is a shot I took recently from our deck:

  • Next, I opened the "Layout" tab and clicked "Edit" on "Page Elements".

This opened a new window, "Configure Header"

  • Then I went to my photo editing program and fiddled with the crop, through trial and error until I found the correct photo size to fit the Blogger header exactly. In my case, the correct dimensions were 1262 pixels wide x 150 pixels high.

  • Finally I uploaded this newly cropped image and saved the change. Note my selection of placement "Behind title and description. This kept my blog title and tagline intact:

There you have it. A brand new look. If you're using the Blogger platform, give this a try and infuse your blog with a little more of your personality.


Boomer said...

ADDENDUM: The browser I created this on was Firefox. When I open my blog in Internet Explorer, The image in the header does NOT extend the full width of the page. It leaves a black rectangle to the right of the image.

Not altogether unsightly, but not what I designed. Anyone have any thoughts on modifying your blog design to work with multiple browsers?

John Kirton said...

Thanks for mentioning the width of your image. I googled the web over and was about to give up. With that piece of info I was able to get an image to fit my header.

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