Saturday, February 7, 2009

February Net Worth (-$19,815.90)

We had a mixed bag of results last month. Our investment and RE holdings took a substantial hit to the tune of about 2.25%. OUCH!

I've read several discussions about how to properly value RE in the context of calculating net worth, but for my purposes, I'm most interested in the comparative values from month to month. We don't anticipate selling either property anytime soon. So for all its shortcomings, I've chosen to use Zillow. I think the site offers accurate trends within a given market.

Still, it's interesting to compare Zillow with other RE valuation sites and see the sometimes vast disparity in values. I'll write about that topic in a future entry.

What's most heartening is the nearly $2,000 of our medical and credit card debt paid off over the last month. Our debt smackdown is on!


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